The Empty Lot     (Part 1)

As Shane, an unemployed fry cook, sits in a hospital room watching his miserable dad slowly die of a stroke, an opportunity arises to settle an old score. Travel across Portland, Michigan as Shane tries to get back everything his father once stole from him. Poke around Portland and you might find some treats. 

Game controls and advances dialogue with Arrow Keys. 

Part of Cosmo D’s “The City,” shown at 2019 A.Maze Festival. 

A game by Andrew Lewis. A teaser for The Empty Lot feature film. Partially inspired by "Book VIII" of The Brothers Karamazov

Made with Bitsy using hacks from Borksy.  I'm primarily a filmmaker and you can find some of my shorts on Vimeo.  Instagram.


The Empty Lot (Part 1) 423 kB


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So good


A+.  Looking forward to the next literary adventure.